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                       Learning Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Online


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technology has played a great role in human existence in terms of providing human comfort and food preservation since it was introduced. Refrigeration industries became one of the biggest businesses in many countries due to the unending need of refrigerating and air conditioning equipment from small unit up to large refrigeration and air conditioning installations.

It is evident that today, refrigeration and air conditioning is no longer just a luxury for humanity. Controlling air  temperature and cleanliness became a major necessity in order for human being to stay comfortable due to the temperature change the world is currently experiencing aside  from the continuous air pollution man has made in many industrialized countries.

There has been an issue that global temperature is continuously rising which was due to alleged environmental abuse people made in previous generations and maybe until today. The above scenario can be supported with the reality that in today's time, the need for air conditioning equipment is very noticeable in any establishment in any places all over the world.

It is no longer comfortable to sleep at night without room air conditioners at home specially during summer. When we travel, air conditioning unit for cars, buses and any other means of public transportation are always felt by many to be very necessary.

From this perspective, it is highly predictable that the need for more competent skilled individuals who will do the tasks of handling refrigeration and air conditioning equipment may also become in demand in the near future.

Training centers may have provided basic skills and knowledge for their graduates how refrigeration and air conditioning system works but the level of understanding and expertise can only be augmented by indulging into extensive real work experiences in refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

It is therefore anticipated that the need for some source of information may rise anytime based on the real work situation and experiences of technicians and engineers, if some circumstances may occur within the work area that is beyond comprehension due to the complexity of this field or maybe due to the lack of experience of those who are concern.

Information about refrigeration and air conditioning technology might be available  in a bunch of websites  in the Internet today but  for the purpose of making things clear and easily understood, the creator of this website has provided some informative materials that might have not been written in any refrigeration and air conditioning books today.

This may also be of great help for those who are in search for understanding of some specific topics that are vital in building a foundational background in order to become a highly skilled and proficient refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic or engineer. Though it might also be limited in some other form because there are still thousands of topics  that might not have been discussed in here.  In this regard, members are encouraged to share their own experience and knowledge via forum and  blogs. 

Above all, providing FREE information in a simplest way possible that might not be readily available elsewhere might be of great benefit to those individuals who may need to expand their understanding about Refrigeration and air conditioning technology is the sole purpose of this website. 

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