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Definition of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is a technology that aims to  control the temperature of a certain space or object  for a wide range of application. The best way to understand what really Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, is to define both terms individually.


Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from one place to another through heat absorption and extraction method. The main purpose of any refrigerating machine is  just to remove heat from a certain space where heat is unwanted.


The absence of heat means cold and in a cold place or in a space where temperature is being controlled, chemical change that is supposed to occur in any substance can be delayed or controlled. The floriferation of harmful bacteria as a result of chemical change and migration of airborne bacteria into various food stuffs can also be controlled in low temperatures.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is just one application of refrigeration technology concerning air, to attain and maintain human comfort. However, Air Conditioning has been applied for industrial and medical purposes specially in manufacturing and product processing where controlled temperature must be attained. Air Conditioning is defined as the the process of treating air in a confined space by controling its temperature,humidity or the moisture content of the air, air circulation and distribution and lastly, keeping the air totally clean.


Controlling air temperature is either cooling or heating, this is accomplished by some units with reverse cycle  designed for both winter and summer application. Controlling humidity  could be humidification or dehumidification. 



Without Refrigeration technology, there could be no perfect Air Conditioning process, humidity control, air circulation and purification could be done by some other mechanical means, but temperature control could be impossible.

 Classification of Refrigeration and
Air Conditioning System

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning units are classified according to their application or to where such units are being used. There are wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning application based on the continuing demand of the consumers from house hold to manufacturing to transportation and etc.


This refers to units that are designed purposely for household uses only. This includes common refrigerators, freezers, window type air conditioning units and any other units with lower capacity that could only satisfy the need for food preservation or air conditioning at domestic level. However there are some units at larger capacity which are also used in domestic application.



This refers to refrigeration or air conditioning units with larger capacity than the domestic units which are used for business. Split type air conditioning units in some offices, display cases in some department stores, freezers, walk in cabinets and cold storage are common example of units used for commercial purposes.



Large refrigeration and air conditioning units are commonly classified as industrial units. Industrial refrigeration units are used in food processing, product manufacturing and any other similar applications that require controlled temperature. Air conditioning used for medical purposes also belongs to industrial application.

Transport Refrigeration

These refrigeration units are purposely designed to preserve the temperature of any foodstuff upon transportation from the cold storage to the point where it will be stored again before its consumption. These units includes truck refrigeration, trailer refrigeration, container refrigeration which are all called also as reefer units.

Car Air Conditioning

These are air conditioning units which are purposely designed for treating the air inside a moving vehicle for private and public application. These include bus air conditioning system, private cars and railroad vehicles.

Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

This is combination of all units from domestic, commercial and maybe industrial system that are all visible inside marine vessel. Transport refrigeration units that are also found in a reefer ship or passenger ship for transportation of large quantity of perishable products could also be considered as marine refrigeration units.


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